Workshop 3. Step 3: Fire…COMING SOON!

Launch marketing campaigns with consistent branding across channels and media.

Utilizing the tightly targeted branded marketing tools and campaigns that you created in Take Aim, you now FIRE—Launch those campaigns at your target markets and targeted users. After publishing your pre-launch campaigns, you should tweak (iterate) your offering to accommodate the initial feedback, if applicable. At this final stage in the lean startup marketing process, to effectively launch your offering and/or startup, you must have a complete, and quality-tested offering to sell (meaning you know it works, can scale with users or orders, it won’t crash, or break) with your launch campaigns, and all your marketing efforts that follow.

LSM Workshop 3 examines Social Media Marketing (SMM), and how to use digital marketing effectively to extend your company’s reach directly to the people who’ll likely benefit from what you’re offering. You’ll learn how to build social networks for your company’s offerings through profile pages on platforms where your target audiences likely hang out.

We’ll drill deep into email marketing. Email campaigns often generate more conversion than any other digital media, if the intended recipients are likely interested in what we have to offer them, and the email avoids SPAM filters. Your email provider will detect marketing efforts over personal correspondents and never deliver your campaign to your intended recipient if they suspect it is a promotion. We’ll resolve both these issues, as well as explore various types of email campaigns, from drip promotions released over time, to direct-sales eblasts.

While many entrepreneurs mistakenly believe marketing begins and ends on the internet, print marketing actually has higher ROI (return on investment) than digital campaigns. Direct mail (snail mail) often has great conversion—viewers of your marketing efforts either buying, trying or subscribing to your offering—that are equal to or higher than email. And surprisingly, print doesn’t cost near as much as you think, especially digital printing.

Live audio/visual (A/V) presentations or online webinars help generate buzz. We’ll explore effective techniques for creating live and online presentations, as well as learn how to generate Press Releases to reporters of your favorite digital or print magazines within your company’s industry.

Your initial pre-launch campaigns, and every other campaign you launch during the life-cycle of your business, garners data—how many opened your emails, or didn’t, or saw your digital and/or print campaigns, who ordered your product, or started to order but stopped in the process…etc. The more campaigns, the more data. Marketing is becoming increasingly data driven. The Privacy Train has already left the station, with so many sources capturing information about each of us daily. LSM Workshop 3 examines the myriad of data mining and analytic tools available today, such as Google Analytics, to the digital data being gathered on most every site you market on from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn.

Are you tired living poor while investing your life and sweat equity into creating your startup? Want someone to believe in your product or service as much as you do, and support their faith with cash? Of course, it’s easier to get funding if you’ve launched your startup already, and your offering is not only selling but getting great reviews and repeat customers. But if you are still in the pre-launch phase of your business, you can still get funding by effectively presenting what you’ve got to offer. This final phase of the RAF Marketing Method, we’ll explore ways to solicit funding, from venture capital (VC) firms that make an investment in you, your team and company, to crowd-source funding by individuals who believe the product or service you are creating will likely have great value.


The Complete RAF Journey

Combining all three LSM Workbooks give you the complete step-by-step process of actualizing your idea into an offering of value, for profit. Whether you are selling an offering directly, like a video game, a novel, or fashion line, on Google Play, Amazon, or Etsy (respectively), or producing and marketing the first offering of many to come from your startup, following the steps presented throughout this course in orderReady, Aim, Fire—will give you the knowledge to generate the marketing tools, branding and advertising campaigns to launch a startup by the last module of the LSM series.