UX Challenge #2: Productize SaaS


1. Go to Google Play: play.google.com/store/apps

2. Choose a SOFTWARE application. Pick a software app that is similiar to the type of application you plan to actualize, and market.

  • Music (Pandora; Rock Hero; dance)
  • Games (entertainment; education)
  • Business B2B or B2C (CMS; CRM; analytic tools and systems)
  • Peer-to-Peer (ride/home sharing; e-experts; Ed-Tech)
  • News/Media (AP platforms; Podcasts; E-Zines)
  • Health/Beauty (MMO fitness; makeup tutorials)

3. Go to SOFTWARE application’s sales page, and find FEATURES list.

(Product FEATURES will be under READ MORE in the opening copy, as well as in the WHAT’S NEW section toward the bottom of the web page.)

4. Copy and paste SOFTWARE app NAME, URL, and FEATURES LIST into the proper fields of the form below.