Marketing can make or break your business.

Most entrepreneurs are hoping to build thriving companies, but the fact is, most will not survive without effective marketing.

“Marketing PRACTICE for Sustained Business Growth,” is a 50 minute presentation exposing a distinct pattern that leads to business failure time and again, then introduces a unique marketing paradigm that makes effectively marketing a business doable, in sequential, actionable steps.

Business Marketing PROCESS, step-by-step, not MBA theory, or entrepreneurs stories (which worked for them, but likely won’t for you).


Veteran Creative Director, and Stanford marketing educator, Jeri Cafesin, inspired by over two decades of marketing Silicon Valley seed startups to Fortune 100s, has developed the RAF Marketing Method, a practical, efficient three-step marketing process for sustained business success.

“Marketing PRACTICE for Sustained Business Growth,” will deliver a clear and specific path to consistently creating digital, print and viral marketing that gets response. Attendees will learn how to set up a solid foundation for marketing their offerings, and branding their business into a sustainable company.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • Marketing PROCESS, like never before, for MBAs or marketing novice.
  • The RAF Marketing Method to avoid the 3 primary points of business failure.
  • Productization of your product, service, or nonprofit, into a marketable offering of value.
  • How to effectively build Brand awareness of your offerings and company.
  • Effective Multichannel marketing for branding and conversion at launch and beyond.

Q & A follows presentation.

Speaker Bio
Jeri Cafesin is a veteran creative director, a Stanford marketing educator, and the founder of IPP Global—educating entrepreneurs in the practice of marketing a business to thrive. A Silicon Valley MarCom specialist since the dot-com boom, from Fortune 100s, to seed-funded fledglings, her marketing campaigns for 1928 Jewelry Co., Southland Associates, Location Labs, Bay Networks, Xerox FCU, First Nationwide Bank, Intuit, The Learning Company, and many others, have helped create sustainable companies, many ultimately selling for millions. A 10+ yr marketing educator, Ms. Cafesin has also taught hundreds of college students, CEOs to CMOs, how to maximize the ROI on their marketing efforts to build and grow their business.