Lean Startup LAUNCH—Workbook 3

Coming Soon…

LSLbook3CvrFIRE! And LAUNCH Your Startup

Once you’ve become intimate with your idea through the Productization process (LSM Workbook 1), then created branded marketing tools and campaigns to get the message of your great new offering to the people most likely to use it (LSB Workbook 2), you are ready to launch your initial marketing efforts.

LSL Workbook 3: Fire—LAUNCH, takes you through the process of writing, designing and publishing your pre-launch, launch, and beyond campaigns. LSL Workbook 3 also gives you techniques, tips and best practice to write powerful copy, then create and produce digital and print marketing, as well as PR campaigns that gets attention and motivates action (click; buy; try; engage; subscribe), throughout the life-cycle of your business.

Lean Business Marketing Interactive is not marketing theory. Each workbook, filled with slides, challenges, and projects, is a step-by-step guide you’ll refer to again and again, to assure you are on the proper path to building a thriving business. The LSE Series provides specific, low-budget, actionable steps for marketing your offerings, to sell directly, or launch your first offering as a profitable startup. It’s time to become your own CEO, and create a career you love.

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