Get Intimate with Your Idea

PRODUCTIZATION is the process of actualizing an IDEA on to the whiteboard by defining its characteristics, then turning those features into benefits and solutions for a specific group of people, to create an offering of value, generally for profit.

Entrepreneurs with a fully formed idea, or anyone looking to launch an idea down the line, LSM’s PRODUCTIZATION Workshop demonstrates how to turn your IDEA into a product or service someone wants, and is willing to pay for. This is a hands-on workshop, not marketing theory! Learn the process of acutalizing ideas, and you’ll be able to plug ANY IDEA into the methodology (kind of like a math equation ; ).

Lean Startup Marketing guides you step-by-step through the process of Productization— developing your idea into an offering of value. You’ll create Productization lists describing your idea, then find potential target markets, people interested in your offering. You’ll analyze your competition, and define what makes your offering better than theirs, now, and down the line. And you’ll determine the best profit model for product launch, as well as project future models as your company grows.

SaaS apps, to cupcakes, to consulting, actualize your ideas with LSM Online Workshops, and create a job you love!

● MBA to novice, LSM’s PRODUCTIZATION Workshop will teach you all the marketing you’ll ever need to know.

● Learn the process of identifying the Features and Benefits your IDEA offers.

● Define solutions your offering provides (entertainment; real goods and/or services).

● Turn your IDEA into a product, service, and/or startup that offers a solution to the largest audience possible.

● Discover potential Target Markets that have a need for your product or service.

● Construct an Elevator Pitch for your offering, and refine it over the course of the class.

● Perform Competitive Analysis on direct and indirect competition in your product/service space.

● Highlight and create Differentiators that separate your offering from competitors.

● Explore Profit Models applicable to your product or service.

● Identify Horizontal and Vertical markets for current offering, as well as future iterations (1.0, 2.0…) of your product or service.

By the last video lecture of this workshop, you’ll have the knowledge to actualize almost any idea into a product or service of value. Complete the assignments, and you’ll have an Elevator Pitch, as well as Productization lists and components to use as direction and content for your advertising campaigns and marketing material for launch, and beyond. Workshop 2 is BRANDING.

Workshop 1. Step 1: PRODUCTIZE Your IDEA into a Product for Profit is HERE!