Give Your New Venture a Face and Body

Launching a new product or startup requires marketing tools and materials. Hiring an ad agency or creating your own marketing material from corporate and product identities, to websites and landing pages, new offerings require a “face,” to become a “brand.”

BRANDING your product and startup begins once your offering is fully productized— its features and benefits, target markets and differentiators have been established, its horizontal and vertical markets, as well as profit models have been projected. LSM’s BRANDING Workshop teaches the process of naming a company, and its product or service, then creating identities, taglines, websites, landing pages, mobile ads, email campaigns, print and PPC advertising, at little to no cost. SEO Copywriting best practices educates entrepreneurs in producing effective marketing material that generates greater response rates (ROI), in 22 video lectures.

● Actualize the process of creating a Brand Identity. Establish company and product names, then create logos and taglines that speaks to your target audience, and are as dynamic on a Twitter feed as on the side of a building.

● Learn Visual Design, such as layout, eye-tracking, responsive grid systems, creating visual impact, effective typography, and the fundamentals to execute effective marketing material across all media.

● Understand image resolution (ppi, dpi), and photo and video reproduction (jpg, png, gif, ai, mp3, mp4..etc.), so your images look great across print and online media.

● Begin a professional online library of stunning visual contentat little to no cost, for idea generation, and to use in producing quality advertising campaigns and marketing material across all media.

● Study Copywriting best practices to develop effective SEO copy content for websites, email campaigns, PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, mobile marketing and more.

● Explore online operations and technology, UI/UX design, effective navigation, webhosting, e-commerce, cloud computing, Saas, LaaS, PaaS, soliciting user engagement. Discover the power of URLs for SEO, and how to utilize free CMS (content management systems) for easier online development of websites and online campaigns).

● Identify and develop effective off and online marketing for your offering. Delve deep into effective website anatomy, UI navigation, commercial blogging and vlogging, ezines, newsletters, landing pages, email and direct marketing campaigns. Create FaceBook, SnapChat, LinkedIn and Twitter Business profiles. Produce the first 4 pages of your website on WordPress, Weeby or Wix for FREE! And develop an email marketing campaign for launching your new product or venture.

At the completion of LSM’s BRANDING Workshop, you will have gained the knowledge to turn a productized offering into a BRAND. Complete the assignments, and you’ll have an arresting product and corporate identity, as well as professional SEO advertising and marketing tools and campaigns to use for launching your product, service, and/or startup, and beyond.


BRANDING workshop coming soon…