Entrepreneurs, Mompreneurs, Retirees, Developers, Innovators… Actualize Your Ideas into Products & Services for Profit.

Have an IDEA that will make your life (and possibly others), easier, more productive, or more fun? Don’t keep it inside your head! LEAN STARTUP MARKETING Online Workshops teach you how to take ideas and actualize them into products, services and startups of value, for profit.

The RAF Marketing Method

Using the RAF gorilla (not guerrilla, as marketing should never be stealth) marketing method, you’ll learn how to productize your idea to specific target markets, then perform competitive analytics to discover your offering’s key differentiators from your competitors. You’ll establish a profit model for launch and beyond, and project horizontal and vertical markets for future offerings.

Do it yourself, or to guide hires, but you must understand how to develop and produce effective marketing material from company and product names, identities, and taglines, to establishing consistant brand standards across all media. Learn to create arresting websites, landing pages, email campaigns, print and PPC advertising, social media marketing (SMM) and more at little to no cost.

LEAN STARTUP MARKETING Online is the only online entrepreneurial course that teaches all three stages of product and startup development through launch of the branded offering, delivered in 3 Workshop series:


Take an IDEA and turn it into a product or service someone wants to buy, by developing Productization Lists, an Elevator Pitch, and Profit Models for launch, and beyond.



Using the principles of Design and Copywriting, you’ll develop product/startup identities (names, logos and taglines) that embodies benefits and ‘voice’ for your offering. You’ll produce websites, online advertising, corporate and direct communications, mobile marketing and more, directly targeting your offering’s markets.




Strategies and methods for launching professional marketing campaigns through Social Media Marketing (SMM), Public Relations, Split (A/B) Testing Analytics, Email marketing and more, with effective SEO content (search engine ranking), and consistent branding across all media.



All LEAN STARTUP MARKETING Online videos are delivered as a step-by-step process (not academic theory), for truly interactive, effective learning. Short quizzes are given after each video to help concretize your learning. There will be assignments with each workshop series. If each are completed, IN ORDER, you’ll have the knowledge and marketing material to launch your product or service for direct sale, or create a startup around your new offering by the last video of Workshop 3.

By the last video lecture of this course, you’ll have the formula for turning virtually any idea into a product or service of value, and sell it directly, or launch your first offering of many as a startup for profit.