LEAN STARTUP MARKETING teaches the process and methods of getting ideas from your head to the whiteboard, branding your product or service with an identity, websites, and other marketing tools, then lean launching your offering to specific target audiences. This practical, hands-on workshop is the only entrepreneurial course in the S.F. Bay Area that educates innovators in the entire process of actualizing ideas for profit, in eight (8) workshop sessions.

★ Learn methodologies of Productization—define product/service’s features and benefits, and what need/s they fulfill.
★ Discover target market/s for your product/service/message.
★ Perform Competitive Analysis—find your companies differentiators from your competition.
★ Develop Branding—company name, identity/logo, tagline…etc., directed at target market/s.
★ Examine effective content for online marketing—websites, blogs, advertising and more (including SEO—Search Engine Optimization).
★ Create marketing content, from websites, to video and digital photography, to visual and copy content that reflects the differentiators and benefits of product/service, and/or [character] of startup.
★ Explore a myriad of sales tools such as websites, landing pages, videos, email blasts, collateral material, and classic advertising available, with insight to create these tools at low, to no cost, as well as guidance in selecting professional resources.
★ Learn Social Media Marketing strategies to lean-launch your offering, and/or startup, as well as techniques to build brand awareness, and create buzz.
★ Find and explore resources for funding, from VC, to crowdfunding.

LEAN STARTUP MARKETING delivers a step-by-step process to actualizing ideas into products for profit. By the end of this workshop you’ll have the knowledge and marketing material to launch your idea into a startup.

January 19th, 2017 – March 9th, 2017 (8 Thursdays), San Ramon, CA

Registration closes December 20th, 2016.