Lean-Launch Branding Workshop

The prerequisite for this course is Lean Product Marketing Through Productization. Branding your product and startup begins only after your offering is fully productizedits features and benefits, target markets and differentiators have been identified, its competition noted, its horizontal and vertical markets projected, and profit models have been established. 

Launching a product or startup requires branding and advertising campaigns to promote your new offering and venture, but marketing efforts must be consistently produced throughout the life-cycle of your business to keep it vital. Corporate and product identities, to websites and landing pages, to cost-per-click (CPC) ads, you must create a “face” for your offering/s and business, and ‘body’ of marketing material to build awareness, sell your product or service, and turn your company into a sustainable “brand.”

This hands-on workshop takes you step-by-step through the lean-launch marketing process. We’ll utilize naming conventions to brand your new offering and venture. We’ll examine visual design, to create striking logos that are as dynamic on your Twitter feed as on the side of your building. We’ll review methods for developing brand standards, to assure your identities build awareness of your offering and startup across all your marketing efforts.

LEAN-LAUNCH BRANDING empowers entrepreneurs to CEOs with the knowledge and resources to create and reproduce professional digital and print campaigns that generate the greatest conversion (buy; try; subscribe) to your marketing efforts, at little to no cost.

Learn the process of creating a Brand Identity. Utilize naming conventions to establish product and company names. Create logos that can scale large or small, and reproduce clearly across print and digital media, as well as taglines that tout your offering and startup’s greatest competitive advantage.

Study graphic design techniques, such as layout, eye-tracking, responsive grid systems, creating visual impact, typography, and the fundamentals to execute attention-grabbing branding and advertising campaigns across all media.

Understand print and digital reproduction, so your marketing efforts look as good on your computer as in print, or online. Examine image, video and audio types (jpg, png, gif, ai, mp4, mp3), and resolution (ppi, dpi), for professional reproduction of your marketing efforts across all media.

Discover the elements in a picture or video that create visual impact, and the a myriad of sources to get spectacular visual content—pictures and videos—to use in your marketing campaigns, at little to no cost.

Begin a visual library of high-density (HD) images and video clips to use in your marketing efforts for both print and online campaigns.

Examine SEO (search engine optimization) best practices to develop copy content for websites, eblast, CPC advertising, mobile marketing and more that place your web address (URL) at the top of Google’s search returns.

Explore online technology, why you need web-hosting, and security for your e-commerce transactions. We’ll examine cloud computing, Saas, LaaS, PaaS, and how to increase visitor engagement with your marketing efforts.

Course assignments include developing an array of effective print and digital marketing for your offering, and business. Students will create Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter business profile pages, as well as produce the first 3 pages of their website on WordPress or Wix, for free. Additional assignments will be given per individual requests, including developing and producing a strategic CPC ad campaign, and all associated landing pages.

At the completion of LEAN-LAUNCH BRANDING, students will have the ability to design and produced professional-quality branding and marketing campaigns for both print and digital media, that builds awareness of their products, generates sales, and brands their offering/s and company for launch and beyond.


BRANDING workshop coming soon…