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Have an IDEA that will make your life (and possibly others) easier, more productive, or more fun? Don’t keep it inside your head! The Lean Business Marketing Interactive (LBMI) Series will teach you how to turn your ideas into marketable offerings of value, for profit. And the best bit?… You don’t have to quit your day job to begin actualizing and marketing your new business venture.

Do you have a product or service that you currently marketing, but your campaigns aren’t getting much response? Follow each of the three steps of the RAF Marketing Method, in order, and you’ll learn how to effectively market a new product and/or startup, ground up, step-by-step, at nominal cost.

The RAF Marketing Method

Talented innovators are creating awesome apps— from social platforms, to lifestyle organizers, to peer-to-peer online services (SaaS). Others are developing goods and products from cupcakes, to fashion, to nutritional supplements. Entrepreneurs are busy in their garages and dining rooms, designing solutions that will enable us to be more efficient, productive, and have more fun! Most are hoping to create thriving companies. And the fact is, most will never launch without effective marketing.

An entirely new marketing paradigm, the RAF Marketing Method, is a marketing process, providing the tools, techniques and methods, in sequential steps, for you to set up a solid foundation on which to build a sustainable business. Each of the three workbooks in the LBMI Series tackles one of the three primary reasons over 90% of all startups fail the first year, by delivering strategies and techniques to avoid startup failure.

Lean Business Marketing Interactive is the only entrepreneurial series that delivers all three stages of product and startup marketing through pre-launch, launch and beyond of branded campaigns that generate response, delivered in three comprehensive workbooks:

Lean Startup MARKETING (LSM)Workbook 1: PRODUCTIZE

Click to read a PDF of the first 10% of LSL Workbook 1LSM Workbook 1– 10%

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Lean Startup BRANDING (LSB)—Workbook 2: BRAND

Click to read a PDF of the first 10% of LSB Workbook 2LSB Workbook 2– 10%

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Lean Startup LAUNCH (LSL)—Workbook 3: LAUNCH

Click to read a PDF of the first .01% of LSL Workbook 3: LSL Workbook 3- 1%

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All workbooks in the LBMI Series deliver step-by-step marketing process (not academic theory), for truly interactive, effective learning. Challenges are given within each module to help concretize your learning. Projects are included with each workbook. If each is completed, in order, you’ll have the knowledge and targeted marketing material needed for pre-launch, and launch of your new venture. Whether an entrepreneur, or CEO of an existing startup, simply following the steps of the RAF Marketing Method provides a solid fountation on which to build a sustainable company, as well as real-world techniques, tips and methods to increase the response on your current marketing effort.

Upon completing all three workbooks in the LBMI Series, you’ll have the formula for turning most any idea into a product or service of value, and sell it directly, or launch your offering as a startup for profit. You’ll gain new insight to think differently about marketingwhat it is, does, for who, and why. And you’ll know how to apply this new found knowledge to generate a myriad of marketing campaigns that turn your startup into a thriving business.