Lean Startup BRANDING—Workbook 2: BRAND

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BRANDING is the marriage of marketing and design, applied to build awareness of your products and company, and ultimately sell your offerings.

Lean Startup BRANDING (LSB) Workbook 2, is the first business marketing book to unify the marketing/branding process. LSB brings together target marketing methods with graphic design techniques, to produce smart marketing strategies and striking campaigns that uniquely brand your products, services, and company.

Bestselling author, and Stanford Marketing instructor, J. Cafesin, introduces an entirely new Branding paradigm. Way beyond marketing theory, or branding stories, LSB takes you step-by-step through the branding and marketing of your new venture. Create corporate and product identity packages. Examine the fundamental principles of effective design, and learn to produce multichannel print and digital marketing campaigns that get greater response.

The prerequisite for LSB Workbook 2: BRANDING, is LSM Workbook 1: Productization. Branding your business begins only once you’ve become intimate with the offerings you are planning to sell, and identified who will find value in them.

Whether you’re launching a new product or startup, or marketing a growing business, you must continually produce campaigns to create a thriving business. Through text, slides, challenges and projects, LSB Workbook 2 empowers entrepreneurs to CEOs with the knowledge to give birth to a startup. Utilizing lean resources you’ll learn to create and produce professional-quality digital and print marketing, that generate the greatest conversion (clicks; try; buy; subscribe).

● Learn to create a complete Corporate Identity. Establish product and/or company names, then create striking logos that can scale from social media feeds to the side of your building. Establish your startup’s voice with taglines that tout your offering, and campaign’s unique value.

● Study graphic design techniques, such as layout, eye-tracking, responsive grid systems, typography, and how to execute attention-grabbing branding and advertising campaigns across various media.

● Discover the components in imagery that create visual impact, and the myriad of sources to get spectacular visual content, at little to no cost.

● Examine print and digital reproduction. Begin a visual library of high-quality images and video clips to use in your marketing efforts for both print and online campaigns.

● Review SEO (search engine optimization) techniques and best practices.

● Explore online technology, and how to increase engagement with your digital marketing efforts.

● Course projects include developing a complete identity for your offerings and startup, as well as an array of effective print and digital marketing campaigns to introduce your new offerings, and promote your business.

At the completion of LSB Workbook 2: BRANDING, you will have gained the ability to design and inexpensively produced tightly targeted, professional-quality marketing campaigns. Follow the steps in this workbook and learn how to create and produce print and digital media that builds awareness of your products, generates sales, and effectively brands your company for pre-launch, launch, and beyond, into a sustainable business.

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