What is Your Business Worth?

Nothing. Unless you actualized and continually market your offerings and business.

Marketing can make or break your business. Most entrepreneurs are hoping to build thriving companies, but the fact is, most will not survive without effective marketing.

Lean Business Marketing Interactive (LBMI) educates entrepreneurs, innovators, developers, designers, CEOs and marketing pros on how to implement the 3-step RAF (Ready, Aim, Fire) Marketing Method to actualize most any idea, or developed offering, into a marketable offering of value, for profit.

Lean Startup MARKETING (LSM)—Step 1dart1

LSM, Step 1—PRODUCTIZE: PRODUCTIZATION is the process of getting intimate with your idea or product in development. Learn how to turn your ideas into apps, products and services, someone (besides you) wants, then find out where your target audience hangs out, and how to reach them with your marketing efforts. 

Get Ready and set up your startup for successProductize your idea, (or even fully developed offerings, if you have not productized them yet), to meet the needs of specific target markets, then perform competitive analytics to discover your offering’s key differentiators from your competitors. An elevator pitch script template will help you write a first draft pitch for your offering and new venture. LSM closely examines profit models for launch and beyond, as well as how to project horizontal and vertical target markets, and future offerings. Lean Startup Marketing delivers clear, doable sequential steps to establish a solid foundation for effectively branding and marketing an idea, or startup venture into a sustainable business.


Lean Startup BRANDING (LSB)—Step 2brandSM

LSB, Step 2—BRAND: Merging marketing practice with the principles of visual design, you’ll take Aim with product and corporate identity packages that inspire a memorable brand. LSB drills down into graphic design; digital and print reproduction, responsive UI/UX design; webhosting to CMS systems on which to build your website. You’ll begin an image library of striking pictures and engaging video clips, and use the library contents to create stunning websites, landing pages, SMM and PPC campaigns and more, at nominal cost. 


Lean Startup LAUNCH (LSL)—Step 3

LSL, Step 3—LAUNCH: From headlines that grab attention to CTAs that motivate actions (click, try, buy), LSL begins with strategies and techniques for writing effective copy across all media. Employing copywritng and visual design best practices, you’ll learn to create professional pre-launch, and launch marketing campaigns with each new offering you conceive. You’ll discover how to produce digital marketing, with effective SEO content (search engine ranking). We’ll examine multi-media content marketing strategies, A/B email campaigns, and Public Relations (PR) communications that get others to chat up your new venture. for the life-cycle of your business. You’ll utilize the knowledge you garner to consistently produce marketing campaigns that achieve greater response, for the life-cycle of your business.

By the end of the Lean Business Marketing Interactive, you’ll have the formula for turning virtually any idea into a product or service of value, and sell it directly, or launch your first offering of many as a startup for profit.


LSM Workshop 1 Online delivers marketing process, not academic theory, in movie-trailer video format, taking online learning way beyond today’s talking heads.


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