What is Your IDEA Worth?

Nothing. Unless actualized.

Talented innovators are creating awesome apps— from social platforms, to lifestyle organizers, to peer-to-peer online services (SaaS). Others are developing goods and products from cupcakes, to fashion, to nutritional supplements. Entrepreneurs are busy in their garages and dining rooms designing solutions that will enable us to be more efficient, productive, and have more fun! Most are hoping to create thriving companies. And the fact is, most will never launch without effective marketing.

LEAN STARTUP MARKETING Workshops educate entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, retirees, developers, designers and marketing pros to take an idea and turn it into a product, service and/or startup for profit.

LSM Online Workshops guides learners through the process of Productization—developing ideas to solve a need for a particular target market, through the launch of the branded offering into the marketplace. All LSM Online Workshops teach step-by-step process, not academic theory, delivered in a movie-trailer format, taking online learning beyond today’s talking heads.

LEAN STARTUP MARKETING Online is the only online entrepreneurial course that teaches all three stages of product and startup development through launch, delivered in 3 Workshop series. 

By the end of the last workshop of this course, you’ll have the formula for turning virtually any idea into a product or service of value, and sell it directly, or launch your first offering of many as a startup for profit.




dart1PRODUCTIZATION is the process of getting intimate with your idea or product in development. Learn how to turn your ideas into apps, products and services, someone (besides you) wants, then find out where your target audience hangs out, and how to reach them with your marketing efforts. Delivered in 16 video workshop sessions.




brandSMBRANDING you’ll create identities for your offering, and corporate standards for your startup. You’ll design and produce marketing tools such as websites, landing pgs, and strategic digital advertising campaigns that get response, for your productized offering. Delivered in 22 video workshop sessions.




LAUNCH, and publish your website, as well as the marketing and advertising campaigns you created in the Branding workshop. You’ll create print marketing, and solicit PR to get others to chat up your offering. You’ll learn how to garner emails of your likely target audiences, as well as create and launch an email campaign announcing your new venture. WORKSHOP 3 is delivered in 15 video workshop sessions.

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